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The ISCTE-IUL Library, specialized in the fields of social sciences, business and technology, role is to provide access to the information resources required for teaching, research learning and permanent education and cultural extension.

There is a wealth of material to support learning and research at ISCTE-IUL: approximately 80 000 printed volumes (monographs, reference works, theses and dissertations) and about 1 200 printed journals. There is also an extensive range of high quality electronic resources (5 728 e-books and approximately 29 000 digital journals).

Many resources are accessible from off-campus via the Internet.

More info. at ISCTE-IUL Library.

The Library of ISCTE-IUL offers its users a wide variety of information resources. Thus, from the Library home page you can access:

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According to the Organic Regulation of ISCTE-IUL, Information and Documentation Services (SID) must assure the optimal use of bibliographic and information resources needed to perform ISCTE-IUL teaching, research, continuing education and cultural extension activities. To fulfill their mission, these Services make available to their users a set of activities through which they are granted access to scientific, technical and cultural electronic resources.

Our users can also enjoy services for the dissemination of scientific information, including literature search, selective dissemination of information, provision of documents abroad for inter-library loan or obtain a copy, among others.

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The ISCTE-IUL Library provides two training types to its users:

> Newcomers training

The ISCTE-IUL Library organizes the annual sessions of presentation, specifically addressed to newcomers at ISCTE-IUL.

> Information research and analysis training

This training aims to develop users autonomy in the use of different information resources, namely, in the organization, analysis and presentation of the retrieved information. In a word, it is a contribution to the development of information literacy.

Automatic notifications via e-mail

We remind our users that notifications sent in an automated way by our library management system (Koha) in particular regarding notices of delivery of loaned books, are only intended to remind its return/replacement. The non-receipt and/or reading of these messages does not justify any non-compliance concerning the return of book(s) by the due date.

Request books and theses

We inform our users that some services cease before the end of the staff working day as established:

Borrow books
- accepted only until 10 minutes before closing hour.
Request theses or dissertations - accepted only until 30 minutes before closing hour.
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