About the Library

The Library

The ISCTE-IUL Library, specialised in the fields of social sciences, business and technology, aims to support the Institute’s activities and to offer the best conditions of access to the library resources for teaching, research, permanent education and cultural extension.

The Library Depository of ISCTE-IUL comprises approximately 80 000 printed volumes (monographs, reference works, theses and dissertations) and about 1 200 printed journals. There is also an extensive range of high quality electronic resources (5 728 e-books and approximately 29 000 digital journals)..

Each subject field is identified by a specific color, visible both on the document label and on the top of the shelf where the document is located.

The Library has three-storey facility (1, 2, and 3 floors) at Edifício II (Building II).

The Library facilities provide wireless access and all desks are equipped with power sockets.

On the 1st floor, which comprises a total of 22 reading spots, 5 research terminals, 3 b&w photocopy machines and 1 color machine, working in self-service mode, the following subject fields are present:

• Computer Science and Natural Sciences (12 spots);
• Art, Architecture and Urbanism (6 spots);

On the 2nd floor, which comprises a total of 165 reading spots, 24 research terminals, and 1 b&w photocopy machine, the following subject fields are present:

• African Studies;
• Law;
• General Reference Works;
• History;
• Anthropology;
• Social Psychology;
• Sociology.

The 2nd floor comprises 3 Team Study Rooms, with 20 spots each (5 desks with 4 chairs), bound to the Rooms’ Terms of Use.

On the 3rd floor, which comprises a total of 109 reading spots, 11 research terminals, and 1 photocopy machine, the following subject fields are present:

• Periodical Publications;
• Management;
• Quantitative Methods;
• Economy;
• Information Science.

The Library of ISCTE-IUL has the following competences:

  • To establish and apply criteria of service organization, management and operation;
  • To implement and develop systems of computer-assisted treatment of information;
  • To carry out the search, selection and acquisition of library and information resources and their technical treatment (cataloging, classification and indexing);
  • To label and store the treated documentation;
  • To ensure present reading and lending service;
  • To publicize the documentation depository and the available resources and services, adapting the processes and practices to the different profiles of the service users;
  • To provide the necessary technical conditions for consultation and viewing of the available documentation;
  • To create content and ensure the maintenance of the Library’s homepage;
  • To develop and provide programs of occasional, regular and continuous training to different types of users in its domain of competence, in order to optimize the recovery and use of available information resources;
  • To provide easy access to national and foreign information resources;
  • To participate in the Institute’s cultural activities;
  • To ensure the administration and management of human resources and materials;
  • To participate in regional, national and international projects for scientific and technical research, regarding its inclusion in library networks and bibliographic data bases;
  • To implement and maintain routine proceedings of service quality control;
  • To establish cooperation agreements with other counterpart institutions, aiming at information exchange and sharing of available resources;
  • To zeal for integrity and conservation of documents;
  • To ensure and promote service provision in the domain of its competence to external or ISCTE-IUL associate institutions, aiming at fund raising;
  • To ensure, in general, all other tasks of the Library.

    Library Regulations

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