User training

Information research and analysis training

This training aims to develop users autonomy in the use of different information resources, namely, in the organization, analysis and presentation of the retrieved information. In a word, it is a contribution to the development of information literacy.

The number of accepted trainees can vary between 3 and 10, except for trainings on "Statistical Information - INE", which can be only held with a maximum of two participants. For additional information on each session’s duration please see the correspondent program.

The sessions are due to be scheduled through the online form for training enrollment. Alternatively, the sessions can be scheduled at the Library Counter Service through an enrollment form for training in Search. Regardless of the enrollment procedure, the scheduling must be submitted up to 48 hours prior to the training day, and is subject to later confirmation within a period of no less than 24 hours.

The training sessions calendar for October and November 2012 will soon be published.

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