Reference and research

The Reference and Research Service aims to provide orientation and support for the correct use of the documentation fund and of the local resources or those at distance, regardless of the format.
You can access this service:

Online chat

This service is available under the following schedule:

• Mon, Wed and Fri from 15h to 16h;
• Tue and Thu from 11h to 12h.
• Mon to Fri from 19.30h to 20.30h.
If you have troubles seeing the online chat window, please install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, available at


  • E-mail:

Phone or Fax

  • Phone: 217903024, extension 774071
  • Fax: 217903025

The Reference and Search Service’s duties include:

• To provide users with orientation on locating information resources as adequate to their needs;
• To support users in the search and recovery of information in the following sources: bibliographical catalogue of ISCTE-IUL; other libraries’ catalogues; databases; scientific journals portals; other information on web;
• This service is provided to students, faculty, researchers and staff of ISCTE-IUL.
• The external users of ISCTE-IUL can benefit from this servisse whenever in need of orientation on the Libraru and/or the Catalogue.
• The Reference and Search Service will seek to provide fast, effective and eficiente reply to all inquiries.
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