The undergraduate programme in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL is the gateway to a career in Psychology. This first cycle degree of six semesters (180 credits) offers general training on the various aspects that allow the understanding of the human behaviour, developing general skills in Psychology and basic theoretical and methodological knowledge in the various areas of this discipline. The undergraduate programme in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL was designed with reference to the European Diploma in Psychology (Europsy), a document resulting from the work of psychologists across Europe since the 90s, who have been discussing the specific needs of training in Psychology. Operating as a standard, Europsy extends the recognition of basic training in Psychology to the European Union level. Thus, the completion of this degree makes it easier for students to continue their studies in Psychology in any of its specialties, in national or foreign universities.

However, the profession of psychologist requires thorough training, being subject to approval in two training cycles (1st and 2nd cycles) and to the completion of a supervised Professional internship. In order to meet this requirement, ISCTE-IUL, beyond this general undergraduate degree in Psychology (1st Cycle), offers students a selection of 2nd cycle complementary education in the field of Psychology, where students can deepen professional skills, particularly in the field of Social and Organisational Psychology and other areas of Applied Psychology (such as Health, Emotions, Inter-cultural relations, Community and Child Protection).

The undergraduate programme in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL counts on a highly qualified faculty, very involved in the production of research. For this reason, the curriculum of this course has a strong articulation with the ongoing research and, in pedagogical terms, practical work is valued, as well as habits of research and other forms of active learning that enhance the development of critical thinking. Students of this degree have, from the beginning, the opportunity to participate and conduct studies in a laboratory setting (Laboratory of Social and Organisational Psychology - LASOP) and to engage in fieldwork, becoming familiar with the latest paradigms and research techniques in Psychology.

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