The undergraduate programme in Sociology at ISCTE-IUL was the first course in Portugal in this area. It has the length of three years and 180 credits ECTS, and it is designed to offer students an approach to open discipline, plural and updated, as well as a learning process that articulates theoretical and methodological training. This third cycle programme prepares its graduates for the exercise of functions in the professional world and to develop a subsequent specialisation in a second cycle degree.

The course is designed to enable students to acquire basic knowledge, to contact with current themes and develop skills for scientific work. The training includes themes and concepts of sociology, sociological theories, methods and techniques, specialised sociologies, sociology laboratories, data analysis, and introduction to other social sciences. Students who complete with success the curricular units of the first two years, totalling 120 credits ECTS, are awarded with a diploma of Higher Studies in Sociology.

Sociology is a comprehensive social science both in its study objects and in its theoretical perspectives and research methods. It is a social science supported by fundamental scientific research, but it is also highly instrumental in its organizational, political and economical applications. Finally, it is a social science that enhances the understanding of modern problems through knowledge of the social world. Therefore, training in Sociology can be a rich platform either for developing the employability of the learner, or to base subsequent training and personal development.

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