Anthropology has always been a way of thinking the themes regarding the social and cultural diversity of humanity. By encompassing the variability of ideas, customs, art forms, religions and ethics that characterise humans and their societies, Anthropology learned the value and prolificacy of intercultural dialogue from them all.

In this sense, the undergraduate programme in Anthropology at ISCTE-IUL (six semesters, 180 credit units) offers students a comprehensive overview of the most striking themes in contemporary societies. This course aims to provide students with theoretical and methodological training in the field of Social or Cultural Anthropology and in applying acquired competences, with general knowledge of the world's main ethnographic contexts and knowledge required for eventual access to the 2nd cycle. In particular, the degree provides a solid background in the following areas: intercultural relations and ethnocentrism as central political and cultural themes in contemporary times; in-depth knowledge of different ethnographic contexts; familiarity with the main theoretical contributions of the discipline and their methods; contact with the main application fields of anthropological knowledge.

The programme is taught by a highly qualified faculty and has regular collaborations from teachers and researchers from other national and international institutions of higher education, such as the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brown University, University of California - Berkeley, the Indian Institute of Technology and the Universitat Virgili i Rovi. This teacher exchange allows them to introduce students to the various specialties of Anthropology.

Founded at ISCTE in 1982, the first cycle degree in Anthropology graduated a significant part of anthropologists at work in Portugal. This degree was granted, in the last external evaluation of Anthropology courses conducted by the Evaluation Board of the Foundation of Portuguese Universities, with the highest overall rating of Anthropology courses in the country.

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