Computer Engineering

The degree in Computer Science Engineering provides our students with the knowledge to proficiently meet the current demands of the Information Society, and endows them with capacity to anticipate and respond to its challenges. Your future begins here and now.


The undegraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering provides our students with the knowledge to respond to organizational challenges where technology can enhance the components of knowledge and innovation, not limiting itself to an intervention at the level of efficiency and automation of processes. The predominant scientific domain is Science and Information Technologies.

The degree provides a general background in scientific fields in Computer Science Engineering. The graduates acquire a solid education that enables them to cope with a competitive and dynamic professional environment. Training is based on a strong theoretical and experimental component that certifies them with the capacity to deal with the challenges of Computer Science Engineering, and simultaneously meet the challenges of business management.

The degree in Computer Science Engineering is intended to all young people who have a particular interest in computers, who like constant challenges, and needed to keep pace with all developments and evolutions of the field.

Upon completion of the degree in Computer Science Engineering, the graduates are offered a multitude of employment opportunities and a high employment rate. If they decide to continue their education, they can apply for the Master in Computer Science Engineering Quality, which holds a EUR-ACE certification conferred by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE).

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