ISCTE-IUL Summer Schools

You can pursue a challenging and enriching experience this summer taking ISCTE-IUL Summer School courses!

Throughout 1 to 3 weeks in the months of June, July and August join us for strengthen your university transcript, build your career skills or gain specialized knowledge for your career. Benefit from a wide range of social and cultural activities and make friends from all over the world!

The courses are meant to:

  • Visiting students: earn course credit toward a degree you can transfer to your university.
  • ISCTE-IUL students: stay around campus to take courses this summer.
  • Adults and professionals: take a course for enjoyment, enrichment or career advancement.

    ISCTE-IUL Summer Schools 2016 is also a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the city of Lisbon with its many possibilities for culture, sports and leisure.

    Summer Courses 2016

    • "Summer School in Lisbon"

    Every year during the summer ISCTE Business School offers a four week Summer School where students from all around the world meet to take part in an intensive multicultural experience, delve into challenging management topics and discover the unforgettable cultural and recreational opportunities that Portugal and its capital city have to offer.
    The Summer School is composed by ten high-quality academic programmes.

    Programmes in June: 

    S1 - International Corporate Governance 

    S2 - Governance of International Organizations 

    Programmes in July: 

    S3 - Leadership and Strategic Knowledge 

    S4 - International Financial Management 

    S5 - Brand Management and Marketing Communications 

    S6 - Persuasion, Choices and Consumer Behaviour

    SP1 - Gestão da Marca e Comunicação em Marketing

    Programmes in Mid-July: 

    S7 - Globalization and International Business 

    S8 – Marketing Creativity and Innovation

    S9 – Entrepreneurial Finance

    Programmes in August: 

    S10 - Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation

    S11 – Entrepreneurial Marketing

    Each programme has distinct application requirements, deadlines and tuition fees. European credits are provided for all courses. Please check individual descriptions.

    Website: link

    • "Summer school on illicit drugs Europe"

    This summer school prepares professionals and students to meet the complex policy challenges that face Europe in the field of drugs. Involving scientific experts from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), but also university professors and policy-makers, it provides a multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach to the study of the drug problem in Europe and beyond.

    Credits: 6 ECTS
    Period: 27 June - 08 July 2016
    Application deadline: 30 May 2016
    Language of instruction: English
    Website: link

    • "Architecture IN-PLAY 2016  - International Conference and Summer School Lisbon"

    In a world where the boundaries between architecture, digital design, technology and computation become everyday fader provokes the rise of new solutions for architectural spaces. Responsive buildings that adjust themselves to create better lighting, thermic or acoustic conditions.Kinetic buildings that reshape themselves in order to respond to a particular need. Or optimized buildings created by informed design and production processes.The focus of Architecture In-Play is exactly to think about this interdisciplinary approach of Architecture, about its tools, methods and theories and to help to bring together people from all the fields that can merge and create new and better architectural solutions.

    Credits: 6 ECTS
    Period: 11-12 July Conference; 11-23 July Summer School 2016
    Application deadline: 30 May 2016
    Language of instruction: English

    • "Construir no Sul"

    Tomando como ponto de partida o trabalho em desenvolvimento ao nível dos últimos anos do Mestrado Integrado, relativo às intervenções em Sines, considera-se oportuno lançar um ciclo de estudos específico, a funcionar de modo concentrado, em formato de curso de verão, onde possam ser debatidos e experimentados de modo conceptual, os critérios e os contornos de intervenção no Sul de Portugal.

    As características deste território de influência mediterrânea foram exploradas, em vários momentos da história como laboratório de síntese da cultura arquitectónica moderna. No plano nacional pode destacar-se o trabalho realizado por George Kubler que, na década de 1970, traçou uma leitura sobre o Sul enquanto receptáculo de influências provenientes de outras áreas culturais com a Flandres ou Espanha - o estilo chão, “entre as especiarias das índias e os diamantes do Brasil”, corresponde a uma resposta a factores conjunturais de ordem político, militar e religioso, que se materializou na expressão de uma arquitectura despojada, que se emancipou diante regras clássicas e das normas académicas, provenientes da tratadistica italiana.

    Credits: 6 ECTS
    Period: 27 June - 01 July 2016
    Application deadline: 10 April - 20 May 
    Language of instruction: Portuguese

    More courses will be announced soon. We advise you to regularly consult the website.

    Changes to information: ISCTE-IUL may make changes at any time to the information. 

    Practical information for international applicants


    ISCTE-IUL gives orientation on arranging housing for international students. In order to secure your accommodation, please get in contact and make your reservation as soon as possible.

    We offer three housing options in the city centre: the ISCTE-IUL Student’s Residence, private accommodation and full service hostels. For more detailed information and contacts please consult this page.


    National students from European Union (EU) countries, European Economic Area/EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland do not need a visa to enter Portugal. Other foreign students must obtain a residence study visa before departure from their home country. Students can request their visa at the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consulate.

    After enrollment and under request the International Relations Office issues the necessary documentation for visa purposes. For more detailed information please consult this page.

    Health Insurance

    Students from the European Union (EU) countries and the European Economic Area (EEA) are covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which entitles them to have access to the national social security system as any Portuguese citizen. Students coming from outside the EU or EEA should make sure that they are properly insured before arrival. In particular, Brazilian students, covered by their own national social security system, should obtain the PB4 form at the competent institution in Brazil in order to benefit from the Portuguese health care coverage, during their stay among us.

    Upon arrival, all students will be requested to present insurance proof. For more detailed information please consult this page.

    Lisbon, Portugal and Campus

    For more detailed information, photos and videos about the mentioned above, please consult this page.

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