IRO Mission and Team

The International Relations Office (IRO) is responsible for supporting general international policy and activities, monitoring to the development of all initiatives related to the internationalization of education (namely in the scope of academic cooperation and mobility) and in promoting and intensifying cooperation agreements and exchange programmes with foreign universities with the ultimate objective of raising education standards by giving students and teaching staff the opportunity to benefit from an experience abroad.

The IRO gives assistance in developing European Commission funded education programmes under the umbrella of  Erasmus+.

The IRO is located at the Central Building, "south" corridor (room 1S7 to 1S15).

IRO Contacts

Address: Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649 - 026 Lisboa, Portugal

Telephone:+351 217 903 209+351 217 903 096

Fax: +351 217 903 929

Room: 1S7 to 1S15


_Incoming students matters: incoming.iro@iscte.pt

_Outgoing students matters: outgoing.iro@iscte.pt

_Agreements matters: agreements.iro@iscte.pt

_Other matters: iro@iscte.pt

Schedule: 10:30am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Fact Sheet available here.


International Relations Prorector

Professor Nuno Guimarães

International Relations Coordinator

Sónia Henriques sonia.henriques@iscte.pt

Incoming students

General e-mail: incoming.iro@iscte.pt

Executive coordinator: Cristina Sobreira cristina.sobreira@iscte.pt

Technical and administrative support (trainees): Ana Sofia Almeida/ Joana Caranguejeiro incoming.iro@iscte.pt

Outgoing students

General e-mail: outgoing.iro@iscte.pt

Executive coordinator: Joana Jordão joana.jordao@iscte.pt

Cooperation with China

Shi Hao shi_hao@iscte.pt

Erasmus Mundus Programme


UMass Programme

Executive coordinator: Carlos Loureiro carlos.loureiro@apitudyabroad.com  

Study in Portugal Network 

Executive coordinator: Ricardo Pereira ricardo.pereira@studyinportugalnetwork.com   

University Accommodation

Residence Prof. José Pinto Peixoto

Technical and administrative support: Jéssica Jacinto residencia@iscte.pt

Video Center 40 Anos iscte-iul associação de estudantes clube iscte-iul loja online