Be Social

ISCTE-IUL seeks to contribute to responsible and sustainable society development through research, education, citizenship training and active intervention in the community.

Beneath this aim the International Relations Office (IRO) joined the international volunteering project “SocialErasmus” promoted by the association ESN – Erasmus Student Network and created the Be Social movement. Volunteering provides a good way both to make a difference to the local community and to find out more about Lisbon. Whether you’re an experienced volunteer, or have never thought about it before, your time at ISCTE-IUL offers the perfect opportunity to get involved. Most events are organised for those who can’t make a regular commitment but still want to take part.

The partnership consists of three main pillars:

Regular visits to elementary and high schools to promote intercultural exchange in order to encourage international mobility and exchange at an early age.

Cleaning Beaches and Forests are examples of activities happening throughout the year promoting the respect for nature as well as the group work and the interaction between international students and the local community.

The volunteering activity of collecting food in supermarkets and given to the Food Bank - Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome in order to support families with economic difficulties as well as distributing food to homeless people with CASA - Centro de Apoio aos Sem Abrigo (Homeless Assistance Center) are activities occurring regularly.

More information as regards this or other activities SocialErasmus available here or on the oficial facebook page of this project, here.

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