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Be a Buddy

Buddy System 

The International Relations Office (IRO) has created a programme in which students from ISCTE-IUL offer their support to newcomers international exchange students - the Buddy System. The buddy helps the international exchange student, even before his arrival.

If you are interested in participating in the project and you:

  • Are responsible;
  • Have mutual help spirit;
  • Like meeting new people, cultures and languages;
  • Are available to listen and help colleagues;
  • Are planning a future mobility.


Every foreign student received at ISCTE-IUL within mobility programs will be assigned a buddy. The buddy is responsible for contact the foreign student, meet him/her at the airport, offer support in finding accommodation in Lisbon, offer support to guide the student with practical matter of day-to-day academic and social life.

The IRO provides concrete assistance, either to foreign students or to his/her buddy, finding accommodation, both in the private and University Residence.

The buddy will participate in social activities and academic guidance, which occur throughout the year, especially designed to integrate foreign students.

Because this participation indicates the level of motivation of the students involved, the IRO will evaluate the performance of each buddy and will present it to the respective Erasmus coordinator if the student chooses to submit an application for a mobility program.

In order to be a buddy ISCTE Business School students should apply to the Pre-selection Programme. For more information about the Pre-selection Programme visit the IBS Networking website here.

Students of the School of Social Sciences, School of Sociology and Public Policy and School of Technology and Architecture should apply to the Buddy Mentoring Programme.

Buddy Mentoring

The Buddy Mentoring Programme was designed to benefit the integration of international students, differing from the Pre-selection in the way it is organized, monitored and certified. The Programme aims to facilitate the socialization of the buddies, increasing responsiveness and sharing their responsibility. The buddy will receive nine hours of training during which he/she will be working dynamically, using techniques and possible scenarios of interaction between buddy and international student.

It is a voluntary programme both for buddies and international student and it is exclusively for students of ISCTE-IUL Schools of Social Sciences, Sociology and Public Policy and Technology and Architecture.

For more information about the project please read the Information and the Formation Plan.

Students that wish to apply for the programme should complete the Application Form during May and until the 15th of June.

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