Study Abroad

European Doctoral Title

The European doctoral programme, approved by the European Confederation of Rectors Councils, refers to a title associated with the doctor degree assigned by European universities. It is not a degree, a double degree or a joint programme.

The doctoral thesis should be partially prepared as a result of a research period of at least 3 months held in another European country other than the one where the degree will be conferred.

The procedures for this mobility include the existence of a prior protocol between the sending institution and the host, the payment of tuition fees in ISCTE-IUL and recognition of the work done at the University of destination.

More detailed information are contained in the following documents: “Guia de Procedimentos” e “Regulamento para Atribuição do Título de Doutoramento Europeu pelo Instituto Universitário de Lisboa”. The two documents complement each other, so we advise to read them both carefully.

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