Mobility Programmes



How to Apply?

Candidate students (Erasmus, Bilateral Exchange) apply through their home institution which will be responsible, in co-operation with ISCTE-IUL International Relations Office (IRO), for the academic and administrative aspects of the application procedure and prospective study period.

Partner universities should send their nominations by e-mail with the list of students they wish to send to ISCTE-IUL (name, study area, period of studies, student e-mail address).

The students that are nominated and accepted must complete the application form, within the required deadlines.

  • Application Form for students who come to the Business School is available here (only for the students arriving in the 2nd semester 2016/2017)
  • Application Form for students who come to the School of Social Sciences, Sociology and Public Policy and Technology and Architecture is available here (only for the students arriving in the 2nd semester 2016/2017)

Students must upload a formal passport type picture, identity card or passport copy and European Health Insurance Card copy (or similar Health Insurance) after receiving the access data sent by IRO to the Fénix System (Enrollment Tool).

Deadlines for sending the application form in 2016/17:

  • Autumn semester or full academic year: 30th June
  • Spring Semester: 30th November

Once the student is accepted, he/she will receive all the relevant information by email.

ISCTE-IUL uses all EU procedures related to ECTS credit system. We strongly advise students reading the Handbook


Language Requirements

Lectures are given mainly in Portuguese and if you plan to attend regular courses you should have some knowledge of both written and spoken Portuguese. However, language skills are not an entrance requirement. Students wishing to attend courses in Portuguese must go to the website here and then choose the degree/s and courses they want.

In some courses, foreign students will be allowed to do their reports and written examinations or essays in English or another foreign language but this must be agreed upon by teachers on a case-by-case basis. Most professors will also provide tutorials to help students organize their study programme.

ISCTE-IUL provides a wide offer of English-taught single courses for international students in all Schools.

To follow these classes students should have a minimum level of English language (called ‘B2 level’ - according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)).

All information regarding courses and student's registration can be found at the Academic Information web page here.

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