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Key Action 2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

CAPACITY BUILDING Projects Action' build on the success of the former Alfa, Edu-Link and Tempus programmes aim to:

  • Support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in the Partner Countries;
  • Promote cooperation between Programme Countries and eligible Partner Countries (as well as among eligible Partner Countries themselves);
  • Promote voluntary convergence with EU developments in higher education;
  • Promote people-to-people contacts, intercultural awareness and understanding.

Who can benefit from it?

The focus of capacity-building projects is primarily on the higher education institutions in the eligible Partner Countries. Higher education institutions in the Programme Countries can also benefit indirectly from their participation in the programme.

However, academic and administrative staff in higher education institutions, students and public administrations and national authorities (such as Ministries) can all benefit from these projects.

What support is available?

The grant is intended to support the following costs related to the implementation of the project:

  • Staff costs;
  • Travel costs and costs of stay;
  • Equipment costs;
  • Sub-contracting.

How are applications selected?

The assessment implies:

  • A formal check to verify that the eligibility and exclusion criteria are respected;
  • A quality assessment to evaluate the extent to which the participating organisations meet the selection criteria and the project meets the award criteria. Such quality assessment is carried out with the support of independent external experts.

The quality of eligible applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the project
  2. Quality of the project design and implementation
  3. Quality of the project team and the cooperation arrangements
  4. Impact, dissemination and sustainability

How to apply?


Please read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide (pp. 145-166).

The deadline for submission of applications is 09 February 2017 (12.00pm Brussels time/11.00 Portugal).

Eform and user Guide may be found here.

Before starting your application

Each applicant organisation should use only one PIC number - the PIC number of ISCTE-IUL. Please ask the International Relations Office (sonia.henriques@iscte.pt), the PIC number of ISCTE-IUL. You must use this PIC code to create your electronic application form.

For further information and assistance, please contact eacea-eplus-cbhe@ec.europa.eu.

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