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Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching Assignments at a Partner University (Out)

The Erasmus+ teachers mobility is one of the essential activities in inter-university cooperation designed to help promoting the European dimension and the quality of higher education.

This activity allows teachers to hold a short teaching assignment at a partner university, allowing the teachers themselves an opportunity of personal and professional development.

The teacher must have an employment contract with ISCTE-IUL, for the purpose of teaching activity, and provide lessons integrated into the teaching curriculum of a partner university. For this he/she may receive an Erasmus+ grant.

The mobility of teachers for teaching purposes will last a minimum of 2 days and 8 hours of teaching to two months, during which the teacher will give lessons at a university with which ISCTE-IUL has a cooperation agreement, located in one of the countries participating in the programme (Member States of the EU, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey).

Eligible teaching periods are to take place until May 31, 2018  (according to Erasmus+ 2014-2021 rules).


To formalize the application, the teacher must:

  1. Read the Teachers Mobility Regulation;
  2. Complete and sign the Application Form;
  3. Attach invitation of the host university.

Please send the application form and the invitation to sonia.henriques@iscte.pt.

The Teaching Mission Programme should be formally agreed with the host university, and before the mission begins. This document has necessarily to be delivered to the IRO together with photocopies of ID card (or citizen card) and tax card, at least 1 month before the teaching mission begins.


Priority will be given to new applicants. In order to benefit a greater number of teachers the maximum length of financed stay will be 5 days.

Upon completion of the teaching mission

Within 15 days after mobility the following documents must be delivered to IRO:

a) A statement of teaching assignment issued by the host university;
b) Teacher Final Report to be completed online (awaiting instructions from the European Commission).
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