The Senate is the academic advisory board of the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon and consists of the following members:


• Rector, who presides with a casting vote;

• Vice-rectors;

• Chairman of the General Council;

• Chairmen of the Scientific and the Pedagogical Councils;

• Heads of the decentralized units;

• President of the Student Association or a student representative duly appointed;

• Student deputies elected to the Pedagogical Council;

• Administrator;

• Administrator of the Social Services Department.

The Senate is responsible for:

• Approving the Senate’s Rules of Procedure;

• Issuing pronouncements on the amendments to the Statutes of the ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon;

• Issuing pronouncements on the medium-term strategic plans and action plan for the Rector’s four-year mandate;

• Issuing pronouncements on the general guidelines in the scientific, educational, financial and assets domains;

• Issuing pronouncements on the institution’s annual activity plans and assess the annual activity report;

• Issuing pronouncements on the purchase or sale of the institution’s real estate assets;

• Issuing appraisal on the Student Disciplinary Regulations;

• Issuing appraisal, under the Senate’s Rules of Procedure, on the disciplinary proceedings that might lead to imposition of severe penalties;

• Issuing pronouncements on other matters submitted to the Senate by the Rector.

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