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International Activity

ISCTE-IUL’s university community has become truly international. Students and faculty come from over 60 different nations and we offer post graduate and doctoral programmes in such distant places as Brazil, Mozambique, Romania or China. International conferences and seminars attracting many of the most influencial scholars and experts are common events in our campus. Our location, near the center of Lisbon, does contribute to the success of such initiatives.

ISCTE-IUL is committed to offering the benefits of an international learning experience to all its community. Foreign students who don’t speak Portuguese can find a wide offer of courses, at all academic levels, entirely taught in English; students willing to go abroad can learn about 30 different languages in our campus. Joining ISCTE-IUL provides a wide range of opportunities to study abroad: for short programmes, students can enroll in summer-schools such as those offered in Prague and Bangkok; for a semester or year Erasmus and Columbus offer the opportunity to study in virtually all Europe or Brazil, with a significant financial support; finally, several agreements with high ranking international universities, such as Columbia, Delaware, Central Florida, Indian Institute of Technology of Delhi or Fundação Getúlio Vargas offer the opportunity to study abroad and the possibility of obtaining a dual degree.

International partnerships

We cooperate with universities throughout the world to give the opportunity for ISCTE- IUL students, faculty and staff to work and learn through contact with international colleagues. We are particularly open to carry joint programmes and research projects with institutions that may complement our skills in both teaching and research, to enhance the learning opportunities of our community and our contribution to social and economic development. One example is the ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal venture competition a broad initiative in association with MIT Portugal, MIT Engineering and the Sloan Business School to promote technology based entrepreneurship, benefiting from MIT experience with similar competitions.

Our agreements with leading world universities include student and faculty exchange, offer of ISCTE-IUL in the partner’s facilities as in China and Romania and the launching of dual degree programmes. Furthermore, we have joined several international bodies in higher education, including Columbus, EUA and EABIS.

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