Presentation — Policy and strategy for quality

ISCTE-IUL quality policy is based on sharing the mission, vision and strategic goals of the institution. The deployment of the strategy is carried out through the APA, which specifies the actions to be developed, the goals to be met, the people that are responsible for these, and the deadlines.

SIGQ-IUL is based on a set of procedures and mechanisms for the monitoring and evaluation of the activities carried out, so as to generate effective measures of self-regulation that enable the attainment of all the internal and external requirements and the continuous improvement of the quality in its various components.

The strategy for quality is highly based on the involvement of the ISCTE-IUL community in the discussion of goals and activities in the Annual Plan of Activities, on the definition and design of processes, and on the quality assurance system, according to the rules governing the operation of the system's organisational apparatus, the institution's regular management and its accountability.

The strategy for quality also aims at consolidating an institutional culture of quality and self-accountability, based on the regular evaluation, involving the various stakeholders and supporting the clear and active students' participation throughout that process.

In the framework of the strategic development plan, from 2011 onwards, SIGQ-IUL was duly formalised, meeting the standards defined at national and international levels, as well as encapsulated in the QM and in the APA.

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