Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQ-IUL)

SIGQ-IUL is based on A3ES' recommendations (A3ES, 2011), has as reference the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ENQA, 2009), as well as other guidelines from ENQA (2010) and EUA (EUA, 2012) and integrates the quality culture values developed along ISCTE-IUL's history. SIGQ-IUL also observes the requirements of the various professional associations related to the degrees taught at ISCTE-IUL, namely in the areas of management (AACSB, 2015) and technology (EUR-ACE, 2015).

The system comprehends the intervention of various actors at several organisational levels and with different degrees of responsibility. In order to guarantee quality assurance, the complexity of the related interactions between all participants, and at the different levels, needs to be duly regulated and strategically oriented and monitored.

The achievement of quality in each one of the abovementioned areas is based on the individual and collective action of four sets of internal stakeholders: students, faculty members, researchers and non-faculty personnel. At the structure and middle management levels, quality assurance requires a consistent and permanent intervention by the decentralised organic units, the technostructure and administrative services, and by the affiliates. Articulation at strategic level is achieved through the action of the government bodies, the coordination bodies and the advisory bodies, which include external stakeholders.

SIGQ-IUL's organisational model is based on the existing structures and is specifically composed by:
a) Quality Assurance Commission (CGQ);
b) Quality Assurance Advisory Board (ConCQ);
c) Curricular Analysis Commission (CAC);
d) Studies, Evaluation, Planning and Quality Office (GEAPQ).

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