Social Service

social action ISCTE-IUL

The social services system in higher education presumes an intervention model allowing an equal response to students experiencing financial difficulties through direct and indirect support to be managed in a flexible and decentralized way.

The ISCTE-IUL Social Services (SAS/ISCTE-IUL) were created through resolution no. resolution no. 2257/2011, dated from January the 31th.


Social Services Mission


SAS/ISCTE-IUL aims to give students proper conditions and good scholar results through several services and support.


Organic Structure

Student Counseling Office (GAA) - Exists since 2007, it has integrated the Social Services. It works in psychological counseling, being its main purpose the well-being and personal development, as well as supporting students in all the educational process.

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Student Support Area - Attribution of direct social support as scholarships and emergency help, in order to provide students in greater financial difficulties the right to equal access in higher education.

It also involves the articulation with other services, internal and external to ISCTE-IUL, intended to promote a better integration/inclusion of students, namely through protocols and volunteering opportunities.


Granted Supports


Emergency help

Other support - special situations


We welcome any suggestions concerning activities or initiatives to be held by SAS.

Any suggestions should be send to:

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